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18+ Dark Reverse Harem Romance - Warning: This is a dark series and contains sexually explicit scenes, elements of violence, and references to abuse/assault that some readers may find triggering.

Illicit Reign Series   (Available on Kindle Unlimited)

Tags:   Dark - Mafia - Reverse Harem - Strong woman - Protector Romance

Women can’t do the job of men…. Amara begs to differ.

Will Amara prove herself in a man’s world? Or will her heart distract her from her ambitions?

Unforeseen Return is book one in the Illicit Reign series. A dark mafia reverse harem (fmmm) series with unexpected plot twists and thriller themes. If you like steamy romances with powerful females and protective males, then you will enjoy reading the love, lust and drama in this novella by Aaliyah Rose.

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18+ Dark Reverse Harem Romance - Warning: This is a dark series and contains sexually explicit scenes, elements of violence, and references to abuse/assault that some readers may find triggering.

Released November 2022

Released December 2022

Released January 2023

Released January 2023

Released February 2023

Released March 2023

📣 Here’s what readers are saying about Unforeseen Return:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Finally a bomb @$$ female lead who takes what she wants without mercy!!!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I really loved this book, couldn't put it down.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I highly recommend this book to you. You won’t be disappointed.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “What an ending! I hope the whole series is this exciting! I’m not much for mafia themes but damn Amara is freaking amazing. Powerful heroines FTW.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I loved this book. A strong woman standing up for herself and taking what she wants.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Oh snap what a book, love it…. can't wait for second one.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The first book I read from author Aaliyah Rose and boy am I glad I did…. The story quickly escalated with intrigue and surprise…. I’ve already preordered the next book in the series.”

Fighting For Love Series   (Available on Kindle Unlimited)

Tags:  Small Town - Romantic Suspense - Medical - Military

Released January 2021

Released February 2021 

Released March 2021

Released April 2021

Released June 2021

Released August 2021

"This series has just been so awesome. Jodi and Dylan have gone through so much. This one kicks off running and takes you through so many emotions. I got so evolved in it, like watching a movie. This series glides from one to the other seamlessly. "

Amazon Reviewer

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A big city girl. A small town. A mysterious stranger… An irresistible attraction.

The small town scenery is a welcome change from the lights of the big city.

Jodi, a talented and skilled nurse, has moved far from all the heartache and the gossip of her past… Or so she thought. All she wants to do is help people heal, lead a peaceful life and to be left alone.

However, the small town won’t give her her privacy and an unexpected encounter with a masculine stranger threatens to upheave her quiet plans.

Dylan’s home for a short time, a break from his perilous job. His concentration is purely on his work and he’s sworn off women… At least until he can escape the darkness of his past.

When he meets Jodi, she takes his breath away, but she’s not giving him the time of day. She’s over men, especially the mercurial, mysterious ones, that seem to just want one thing. Yet their attraction to each other is undeniable.

Will they drop their guards and give in to the passion that threatens to consume them? Or will they let their pasts continue to haunt them?

Fighting Temptation is Book 1 in the Fighting For Love series. A small town romance where not everything is as it seems. If you like feel good romances made from unexpected encounters, then you will love reading the desire, drama and temptation in this novella by Aaliyah Rose.

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Small town romances that follow the rest of Dylan's Navy Seal's team...

Aussie  Commando  Series

Tags:  Holiday - Island Beach - Military - Intelligent Women

Released January 2021

Released December 2021

Released June 2023

Come meet your Aussie Commando!

These are stand-alone books, published during that special holiday season. 

The interconnected universe in which these books are based, is none other than the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, located off the Queensland coast of Australia.

If you like your military alphas (which I know you do), then check out this sweet with a touch of heat, holiday read.

Forever  Soulmates  Series

Tags:  Ancient Romance - Egyptian - Royalty - Time Travel - Forever Love

Released December 2021

March 2024

April 2024

This series is a historic time travel novella that will take you on a journey through time. Our Heroine Pamela is an intelligent woman with a passion for all things that go twinkle in the night, and who is thrown into a foreign past. What she doesn't know is that more mystery will find her in the form of our Hero, protective royal, Prince Nefermaat.

"I have to be honest and say that this is not the type of book I normally read. This book combines history and time/place travel. However, once Pamela made the time leap the story really picked up and I found myself wanting to see what was going to happen next. Who doesn’t love a blossoming relationship between a prince and a commoner?! This one is left as a cliffhanger. I would definitely read the next in the series to see what happens. "

Amazon Reviewer

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Two fate-bound lovers. Divided by time. A love that never dies….


I was standing in the middle of the desert, golden sand stretching as far as I could see in all directions. I waved my arms in front of me, as if checking to see if it was real. I was half expecting my fingers to touch the clothes hanging in the closet like this was some kind of virtual reality. Frantically, I looked around again for a landmark. Anything that would indicate where I was. Clearly this was not a dream. Where do I even go from here? I stood staring into the distance, my mind a tumble of thoughts and emotions as I tried to make sense of what was happening….


I groaned in frustration, rising from my bed, and headed for the physician's wing. As I entered the chamber quietly and sat down beside her, I watched her in silence as she slept. With the bandages off her face, she looked like the day I had first seen her. I looked upon her face, taking in her features, her golden hair, her heart shaped face, smooth white skin, and rosy cheeks. I felt my loins tighten in desire as I stared at her, but I suppressed my urges, as well as the irrational feelings that kept invading my mind and confusing my thoughts.

What is it about you that draws me to you?

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   

Pamela’s world is turned upside down when she finds herself unexpectedly thrown into a foreign land, a world vastly different from her home in San Francisco. Unbeknownst to her, she has also travelled through time to an ancient period where an exotic culture awaits her.

When she meets her overly handsome rescuer she is attracted to him immediately, despite the fact she cannot understand him. She is confused by his strange world, his foreign land, his mysterious language. But she can tell by his body language that he wants her and their desirous magnetism to each other is undeniable.

A foreign land. A foreign time. A foreign man.

Can she brave the test of time and follow her heart?

Find out in Eternal Spark, book 1 in the Forever Soulmates series. A historic time travel romance where love fights against all odds. If you like feel good romances that blur the lines of fact and fiction and has that big romantic spark, then you will love reading about the soulmate connection in this novella by Aaliyah Rose.

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